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Labor History

The Labor Center has developed a labor history database that allows you to sort historical information by a variety of categories such as legal or political actions, regions, industry, etc. Our ultimate goal is to house this database here on our website so you can sort it in any way you like. Meanwhile we have pre-sorted a few timelines that you can download. PLEASE NOTE: These timelines are made up of selected facts. They are by no means complete. We intend to keep developing our database. If you have a particular entry you would like to see incorporated into one of these time lines, please email that information to us.

Download U.S. Labor History Timelines Below

1) Women's Labor History

2) Labor Law Timeline

3) Pacific Northwest Labor History

Large-size Printed Timeline Available

We have used the database to produce one large-size timeline of selected U.S. labor history events and statistics. It is printed on vinyl in color with pictures. The timeline is made up of three panels, each about 3x4'. The timeline is available to borrow for display in a class or at an event. If you would like to borrow it please contact us. You may view the panels by clicking the links below (zoom in to read the text on each panel):

1) Panel 1: Labor History Timeline 1619-1889

2) Panel 2: Labor History Timeline 1890-1953

3) Panel 3: Labor History Timeline 1954-2012

  Additional Resources
 One of the best on-line sources for Pacific Northwest Labor History can be found through the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies at the University of Washington. The Bridges Center has supported the development of numerous historical websites.