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Corporate & Customized Training

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Customized Training to Meet Employer Needs

We provide a wide range of corporate and contract training solutions for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Training can be customized to meet needs in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, and construction. All this in the heart of industrial Seattle at our Georgetown campus, or at your place of business.

What We Do

Corporate & Customized Training develops and delivers top-notch training programs that will help your organization do what it does best: become more profitable, more competitive, and more organized. We know what clients need to succeed in today’s difficult marketplace, and by customizing training to meet your needs, we help put your organization on the path to success.

Who We Are

A dynamic team of administrators, instructional designers, and teachers work together to meet your needs. With decades of real-world industry experience combined with years of teaching and the latest instructional methods, our team first listens to your needs, designs to meet those needs, and then delivers customized training that will make your employees better, brighter, faster, more engaged, and more productive.

Where We Are

Our Georgetown campus sits at the heart of industrial south Seattle, 10 miles from Sea-Tac airport, 5 miles from downtown, 4 miles from the port, and surrounded by manufacturers, showrooms, distributors, and construction firms. To make, to do, to create, to learn, come to Georgetown.


Want more information? To find out what we can do for you, contact Bob Embrey at (206) 934-5856 or

Building Science | Business Development | Organizational Performance | Safety | Trades Related Training





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