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Apprentice Related Training

What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship Programs in Washington

Pre-Apprenticeship Training  (Introductory Programs)

Apprenticeship Calendar - Schedule of upcoming events.

Washington State Apprenticeship Programs Catalog (Publication F100-041-000 (Print Edition 06-2012). This is an 119 page PDF document with general information about apprenticeship programs in Washington State includes addresses, phone numbers, and other information about active Apprenticeship Programs.

Current Program Openings - Information on apprenticeship openings received from registered apprenticeship programs.

Program Standards- The official standards for each of the registered apprenticeship programs. Contains information such as geographical area, minimum requirements, wage progression, work processes, type of schooling, committee members, and more.

Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council Members - Listing of WSATC members and their affiliations.

The Helmets to Hardhats program has been designed due to the critical skills shortage in the construction industry. It seeks to recruit US military personnel who are entering back into the civilian life into construction jobs.


Apprenticeship & Non-Traditional Employment for Women(ANEW) was founded in 1980 by women dedicated to improving access and advancement in non-traditional career paths.  Through preparatory training and services, ANEW graduates (both women and men) will successfully gain, retain, and advance in employment in non-traditional industries. 


Other Links

Washington State Unemployment Insurance Application Online. Washington State residents may now apply online for unemployment.



Part-Time Instructors

How to successfully complete your W-4 Form — U.S. CITIZEN Please Note:
Incomplete W-4 forms will be returned to the employee as well as forms with writing in both box 5 and box 7. Please read the instructions below to make the appropriate choice.
Box 1: Fill in your full name along with your current address. Box 2: Fill in your social security number. Box 3: Check the box that applies to you unless you are claiming 'Exempt' in box 7. Box 4: If the last name you are using differs from your social security card, check here and follow instructions to correct it. Box 5: To claim withholding allowances enter the total number you are claiming. Box 6: Enter any additional amount you would like withheld from your earning. Box 7: To claim exempt enter the word exempt but remember to leave boxes 3 and 5 blank. Finally, sign and date the W-4 form before returning it to the payroll office

IRS W-4 Form
IRS Withholding Calculator

How to apply for a replacement or name change Social Security Card
A condition of employment with Seattle Community Colleges is to have and produce a Social Security Card. The IRS requires that your name on all company records appear exactly as it does on your Social Security Card.
If you have lost your card, had your card stolen or had a name change, begin the process of replacing by visiting the Social Security Administration web site.
Once you have received your replacement Social Security Card you will need to have your supervisor process a Name Change ENSRC so Payroll can update your name in the system.


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